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About Our Signals 

We continually scan the markets for the highest probability trading setups based on our many years of experience and testing.

We trade using the 4 hour, 8 hour, and daily
chart timeframes. These timeframes offer the best combination of success and frequency for swing trading opportunities. 

The typical trade will last anywhere from 2 to 7 days. We send out our signals well in advance and typically use limit order or stop order entries. Our execution model allows our members enough time to receive and place trades. 


The Methodology - Our EDGE in the Market

As a trader, if you don't know your EDGE in the market, then most likely you don't have one. After many years of testing, tweaking, and refining we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to trading currencies. 

Forex Training Group's core trading philosophy is based on technical analysis and pattern recognition. We utilize a proprietary approach that combines three key elements: Price Action, Support and Resistance, and Market Structure.  

Features Aimed To Help You Succeed


Our high probability trading setups are based on sound technical principles that provide a consistent edge in the market. 
We are discretionary swing traders that make decisions based on favorable risk reward ratios and incorporate strict money management rules at all times. 


We specialize in tracking 27 liquid and stable currency pairs within our portfolio watchlist for best results. They include all major currency pairs, and many minor currency pairs. The selection of trade alerts from these pairs is based on several factors including volatility and correlation studies. 


One of our core principles is to always try to enter trades with limit orders. We do not chase trades, instead we want price to come to us. This greatly benefits our subscribers as there is plenty of time for them to place trades with our signals. We provide the Exact Entry, Stop and Target on all trades.


When a new trade alert or update is created, we will immediately send out the message to you via email. Whether you are at your trading station or on the go, you will have access to the trading alerts via your designated email, so that you do not miss any trading opportunities. 


After you signup for the service, you will gain access to SMS alerts. If you opt in to SMS signal alerts, you will be able to get new trade alerts and updates directly on your smartphone. You will have complete control over your SMS setting and can opt in or opt out of these alerts at any time. 


You can login to the Private Members Area where you can view all new trade alerts, and recent trade history. Within the dashboard, you will also be able to view live charts and get real time currency pair rates. In addition, there is a Margin calculator and other tools you can access.

How Does It Work?

Once you select a subscription plan, you will get login credentials for the Private Members Area. Here you can set your Email and SMS alert preferences. 

Whenever we find a trading opportunity that meets our strict requirement, we will immediately post the trade details in the Members Area and send a trade alert with the exact entry, stop loss, and target price. 

Most of our trades are based on limit order or stop order entries which will typically allow you sufficient time to place the trade, if you so decide. Then it's just a matter of letting the market do its thing.


14 Day Trial 


$97 / month after Trial

  • 27 Forex Pairs
  • Intraday Signals
  • End of Day Signals
  • 7-10 Signals / Month
  • Entry / Stop / Target
  • Signals via Email
  • Signals via SMS
  • Private Members Area
  • Email Support



$ 97 / month recurring

  • 27 Forex Pairs
  • Intraday Signals
  • End of Day Signals
  • 7-10 Signals / Month
  • Entry / Stop / Target
  • Signals via Email
  • Signals via SMS
  • Private Members Area
  • Email Support

Performance and Transparency 

At Forex Training Group, we believe in full transparency and as such we post all the results of our published trade signals on our Performance page. We are a professional, No Hype, No BS provider that trades responsibly with risk control always in mind. We strive for a reward to risk ratio of 1.5 : 1 or better. Most other providers do the exact opposite in order to create an artificially higher win rate that eventually  backfires with large drawdowns.

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How are your signals generated?

Forex Training Group scans the currency market for the best trading opportunities. We manually research and analyze the most promising trade setups based on our swing trading strategies that we have developed.

Then we run a thorough probability and risk reward analysis on the trade. Only when all of these criteria are met, do we generate a trading signal and send it out to our members. 

What's in the Private Members Area?

In the Private Members Area you will be able to view new trade alerts and updates. In addition, you will be able to access all closed trades and the performance tables.  

Additionally, within the Private Members Area you will be able to access live charts, real time exchange rates, and other useful tools. We have a detailed Getting Started Guide and FAQ section which will get you going in no time. 

What plans do you offer?

Here are the plans we currently offer:

14 Day Trial - The price for this plan is $ 59 for the 14 day trial, then $ 97 / month after the trial period.

Monthly Plan - The price for this plan in $ 97 / month and renews at $ 97 / month thereafter.


How is your Signal Service different?

We are different than other providers in several key ways. Firstly, our signals are discretionary in nature and we manually research all trades thoroughly and run them through a filtering process before we publish or send out any trade alerts. 

Secondly, we are fully transparent by providing all signal results on our performance page, and last but not least, we bring you time tested strategies with a distinct edge that we have developed, tested and improved over time.


How far in advance do you send out the trade alert?

We almost always use Limit Order entries or Stop Order entries. A Limit order is one wherein the order to buy is below the current market price, and the order to sell is above the current market price. A Stop order is one wherein the order to buy is above the current market price, and the order to sell is below the current market price. 

Either way, we typically know well in advance what price level we are looking to execute a new trade. And so, our style of trading allows plenty of time to take advantage of the trade alerts.


What does a signal look like?

Our primary goal is to execute on the highest probability trade setups when they happen. 

The signal message is short and concise. It will include the following information:

Currency Pair
Long / Short
Entry Price
Entry Order Type 
Stop Loss Price
Target Price 


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