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We provide professional Metatrader programming services to forex traders. We are a group of traders and MT4 coders with extensive knowledge of the Metatrader platform and MQL4 programming. Our services include building high quality scripts, custom indicators, and Expert Advisors for automated trading in the Forex market.

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About MQL4 Programming Language

MQL4 stands for MetaQuotes Language 4. It is a programming language created by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. MQL4 has its roots in the widely used C++ programming language, and has advanced object oriented capabilities. As such, it enables you to code sophisticated programs that can require multiple simultaneous calculations.

MQL4 allows you to create programs that can help you to analyze the markets more effectively and efficiently through an automated process. The three main types of applications that are typically coded using MQL4 include the following:

MT4 Scripts – Scrips are utilized to perform certain one time actions automatically. For example, you may want to setup a pending or closing order upon a certain condition, insert or remove certain technical studies automatically, or create an alert for an event. There are many different types of scripts that can be created based on a trader’s requirement. 

MT4 Custom Indicators – With MQL4 you can create your own custom technical indicators and studies. Upon developing a custom indicator, you can utilize it within the charting software or program it inside your Expert Advisor.

MT4 Expert Advisors (EAs) – Expert Advisors are fully automated trading strategies. All the logic for entering, managing, and exiting a position is contained within the algorithmic trading program.  There is typically no need for human interaction while the Metatrader EA is running. It takes cares of all trading related decision processes in the market based on the parameters provided within the MQL4 code.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at each of these applications.

MT4 Scripts Programming

MT4 scripts can help to automate many simple and mundane tasks so that you can focus more of your precious time on trading and less on performing time consuming tasks. Scripts are especially useful for shorter term traders since trade execution is of utmost importance on the lower timescales. Scripts not only help a trader automate certain processes for better efficiency, they can also help reduce human errors.

Now it is important to understand that MT4 scripts are actions that are performed only one time after they are initiated. They do not perform on a recurring basis. But, there are many practical applications for scripts. One of the more common uses is in automating some part of the trade management process, such as closing multiple orders, or moving multiple stops.

Take for example a situation where you may have 5 open positions in a currency pair, and you want to trail your stop loss by a certain number of pips away from your entry prices. If you had to perform this action on a manual basis, it could be quite time consuming and more prone to errors. By programming a custom MT4 script, you could perform this action simultaneous in a matter of seconds.

What about a scenario where you want to cancel all your pending orders after a scheduled economic report that results in extreme volatility in the market.  If you had an MT4 script that allowed you to close all your open positions with a few clicks of a mouse rather than having to do so manually, how much time and money could that save you? These are just a few examples of how even the simplest of scripts can enhance a trader’s productivity. Image what you can do with advanced Metatrader script programs.

Although, the MT4 platform has some default scripts within it, most traders will likely need to create a custom script for most of their desired tasks. If you are thinking about automating some aspects of your trading, then a custom MT4 script might be the perfect solution for you.

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MetaTrader Indicator Programming

Many forex traders use technical indicators to help guide them in their trade decision making process. Some of the more popular technical indicators in Metatrader include Bollinger Bands, Stochastic, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Linear Regression Channel, and more.

There are many built-in technical indicators within the Metatrader 4 and 5 platforms that are available to the forex trader. But sometimes, you may want to combine certain elements from various indicators into a custom indicator or you may have an idea for a technical indicator that you need to build from scratch.

We have extensive knowledge of both trading and MT4 coding, so we can help you bring your ideas to fruition. Whether you are interested in building out a trend detection indicator, a support and resistance study, a moving average indicator, or something else, we have the skills and experience to custom MT4 code your ideas. We can help you in developing your custom technical indicator based on your specific requirements.

There are a few basic things that you should know when it comes to custom indicators, scripts and Expert advisors within Metatrader. The file extension for Metatrader is either .ex4 or .mq4. An .ex4 files is a compiled version that is only readable by your computer. Essentially it does not make the source code available. On the other hand, a .mq4 file provides for a readable source code, which can be viewed and edited. Since you own the intellectual property for your custom indicator, script or Expert Advisor, we would provide you both a .mq4 file and .ex4 file.

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MetaTrader Expert Advisor Programming

An Expert Advisor is an automated trading system that can be programmed within the Metatrader platform. Unlike a MT4 script which can only perform a one-time action, or a custom indicator which helps provide market analysis but does not place trades in the market, an Expert Advisors (EA) can handle all trade related processes including trade selection, trade management, and trade exit.

An expert advisor requires a defined set of rules to execute the trading system in the market. So, if you have a trading strategy that has a specific set of rules that can be programmed using mathematical functions, then an expert advisor would be an excellent solution for you.

An Expert Advisor is free from the negative emotions that often prevents many traders from achieving their potential. What’s more, an Expert Advisor helps you stay disciplined in your money management and trade management rules by strictly following your preset rules without interruption or distractions. An Expert Advisor can trade while you sleep and is always ready to execute the trading plan encoded with your algorithmic system.

It can seem a bit daunting in the beginning when you are trying to automate your trading ideas into a fully functional trading system that can trade on its own without any human interactions. But, that is where we come in. We are a team of expert traders and MT4 programmers that are skilled at transforming your trading strategy into an automated trading system capable of executing in the market.

So, what type of forex traders would benefit from the use of Expert Advisors? Well there are many types of traders that might find an algorithmic trading solution to be optimal for their purposes. For example, if you work a full time job, or don’t want to monitor the markets regularly, or just need a more disciplined trading approach, you may be a perfect candidate for developing an Expert Advisor to trade the forex market.

The key to developing an MT4 Expert Advisor is that your trade logic should be based on some measurable or quantifiable variables that can be programmed.  If so, then you should very well consider the overwhelming benefits that an Expert Advisor can have on your trading performance.

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Why Hire Us For MT4 Programming Project?

We are not only expert Metatrader coders, but we are traders as well, with a deep knowledge of technical analysis and the forex markets. Whether you are looking for a simple script or an elaborate Expert Advisor to be programmed, our team is capable of handling your project in a timely professional manner.

Unlike some other programmers that are generalists and code programs for different trading platforms, our programmers are specialists in MetaTrader and the MQL programming language. Our pricing structure is competitive and we are happy to provide a free no obligation quote based on your particular coding needs.

Here are some of the common Metatrader programming services that we offer:

  • Adding alerts, or chart visuals
  • Develop a fully functional Expert Advisor
  • Create a custom technical indicator
  • Write a trade management script
  • Tweak an existing indicator
  • Generate automated signals for entries
  • Backtest your current trading strategy
  • Data mining and reporting
  • Convert your indicator from Ninjatrader to Metatrader
  • Consultation Services

You could spend months or years learning how to code using MQL4 or you could let us do the coding for you, so you can concentrate on growing your trading business.

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MetaTrader Programming and Development Process

The initial process starts with you writing down the key points that are relevant to your project. We want to know from you in plain English what it is that you would like to accomplish. As mentioned earlier, we are a team of traders and programmers, so we understand both aspects very well. Do your best to communicate your ideas to us in a simple, coherent manner.

Our job entails transforming those ideas into code, so it is important to get a thorough understanding of your requirements for the project. All the ideas that you present to us are your intellectual property which we keep in strict confidence. We are more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as well, if you require.

Don’t worry if you do not have all the details ironed out yet, but you should have a good framework from which to begin the process.  Once our MT4 programming team have a good understanding of the script, custom indicator, or Expert Advisor that you are interested in creating, then we will provide a programming cost estimate to you. For smaller projects, we typically require payment in advance, and for larger projects such as Expert Advisor development, we would provide a split payment option with a 50% advance, and balance upon completion.

Once the payment arrangements have been taken care of, we would get started on the MQL programming side. Although the actual coding and programming takes up a good portion of our time, we also spend quite a bit of time on improvements and fixing any bugs related to the project. The initial delivery typically takes about 5-7 days; however, this can vary based on the complexity of the MT4 coding project. 

Once the initial version is completed, we will do some testing on our end to ensure that the script, indictor, or EA is working as intended. However, it is imperative that you also go through a testing process so that we can address any bugs that may exist. You as the client will know best how the program is intended to run, so you must take the necessary time to make sure that you carefully test all the necessary features of the program. 

If you find that some aspects of the script, indicator, or Expert Advisor are not working as you intended, we will work on fixing any of those issues. After the testing and revision phase is completed, we will send the final version with both the .ex4 files which are used to run the program within Metatrader and the .mt4 files which is the open source version.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Metatrader programming services to do offer?

We develop custom indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors in MQL, which is the Metatrader programming language. We support both Metatrader version 4 and Metatrader version 5.

How much do you charge for your Metatrader programming services?

We offer competitive prices and typically charge on a per project basis. The cost estimate is based on the complexity of the work. To receive a free price quote for your MT4 coding project, please use this form

Why should I use your Metatrader coding services?

We are not only programmers, but we are traders as well. We have a deep understanding of technical analysis and the forex market. In addition, our coders are highly specialized in MQL, and as such we can provide you the best results for your desired Metatrader programming needs.

How long does it take to complete the MQL programming?

Simple MT4 scripts and custom indicators and be delivered within a few days. The initial version of the Expert Advisor can usually be delivered back to you for testing within 7-10 days.

What types of payment methods to you accept?

We typically accept payments via PayPal. But we can also accept payments via other methods. For most projects, we would require a 50% advance payment and final payment upon delivery.

How do I get started ?

To get started, simply fill out this form, which will provide us a basic understanding of your MT4 programming requirements. Once we receive that, we will get back to you within 24 hours with additional questions or comments, or provide the programming cost to you at that time.

Who will own the intellectual property and will I get the source code?

As the client, you will own all the intellectual property. When your MT4 script, custom indicator, or Expert

Advisor is ready for final delivery, we will provide both the executable .ex4 file and the .mt4 source code file. If you require a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA), we will be happy to sign it.

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