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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest blog post for Forex Training Group. Recently, we have been receiving many requests to submit a guest post on our blog from other financial and investment bloggers, particularly those that are specialized in the Forex, Crypto, Futures, Stocks and Options markets. As such, we have started to accept guest posting requests from qualified individuals and organizations that can provide well written educational content focused on the financial markets.

We offer an opportunity for financial market writers and topic experts to gain exposure to our audience. Before submitting your request to guest post on our blog, we encourage you to review this  article in its entirety to become better acquainted with our process.

Within the article you will become familiar with what we look for, the makeup of our audience, the topics we cover, the benefits of guest posting, our submission guidelines, and more. Once you have taken the time to read this article, you can contact us to submit your guest posting request.

What We Look For From Guest Posting Contributors

Guest post contributors should keep some key things in mind in order to increase their chances of getting their guest post submission request accepted by our editorial team. Here are some important considerations:

A well-researched article related to investing or trading. The major markets we cover include the currency markets, the futures markets, the cryptocurrency markets, the equities market, and the options market.

Must be 100% original content and which is not already published elsewhere. The guest post that you provide us should be exclusive and should not be reproduced or published elsewhere after it’s been posted on our blog. We run all guest post articles submitted to us through Copyscape to ensure originality.

You should be a native English speaker or be proficient enough to speak and write as well as one that is. When sending your request for a guest post, please try to provide some samples of your writing.

You should be highly proficient or an expert in the subject matter. For example, you should be an investment blogger, financial analyst, market trader, trading coach or have similar credentials. Essentially, guest contributors must have experience in the topic that they are writing about.

We specialize in providing our readers and subscribers with in-depth content focused on a specific topic. As such, the article should be well researched and comprehensive. The article should be approximately 2000 words or so.

Should be educational in nature and not promotional. The article should seek to educate the reader. Any claims that are made within the article should be credible and supported by research.

The article should be evergreen in nature. For example, topics related to technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading psychology, money management, and risk management would be suitable. Please avoid topic ideas that pertain to a specific time period. In short, the article should be relevant to readers several years from now as much as it is today.

Any supporting images provided within the articles should be original and add value to the content. Please avoid using stock images and those for which you do not have full copyright.

We encourage sub headlines, and paragraphs to be broken up regularly rather than large chunks of content within a paragraph. You should seek to limit your paragraphs to 3 to 5 sentences or so.

Guest writers should try to share some unique insights that can provide real value to the reader. Content should seek to provide some actionable tips and or strategies that the reader can use.

Our editorial team handles all internal linking. As such, guest post writers need not worry about any internal links within the article. The only exception to this would be to reference a source specific to a fact or piece of data provided.

Be mindful of the structure of the article. There should be a logical progression within the guest post consisting of an introduction, body, and summary section. Additional sub sections within the body should also be present.

The guest post article should be clear and concise. We encourage simplicity in the writing style so that it is easy to read and understand. Shorter sentences are preferred. Writers should check for any grammar or spelling errors before submitting the article to us for review and publication. We recommend doing this through the free Grammarly app or another similar tool.

Knowing your target audience can help you in coming up with your guest post ideas. Additionally, keeping the reader in mind will help you to produce a piece that provides the most value and which will be the most relevant to our audience. We encourage you to review the upcoming section which details the makeup of our blog audience.

Please keep the formatting as simple as possible. That means no underlying, italics or other special formatting. Generally, we will remove that during our final editing process.

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Get To Know Our Audience

Forex Training Group is an educational trading blog that provides in-depth evergreen content to traders and investors around the globe. We focus on five primary areas which includes currency trading, crypto trading, futures trading, stock trading, and options trading. The Forex Training Group blog receives close to 75,000 page views per month. The majority of that traffic comes from search.

Most of our readers are from English-speaking countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Additionally, a large segment of our audience comes from the European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

Most of our blog readers are interested in topics related to financial market analysis. This includes techniques and strategies that incorporate technical analysis or fundamental analysis. The overwhelming majority of our audience is male and falls within the range of 25 to 45 years of age. Many are beginning or aspiring traders that are seeking educational content that will help them improve their overall trading performance and results.

Topics We Cover And Examples For Pitching Your Guest Post Idea

Our audience consists of investors and traders around the globe that are generally interested in learning more about the financial markets and in improving their trading skills. As such, we aim to meet their needs by providing in-depth content centered around this theme. Below you’ll find some topic ideas that will provide you more insight into the types of articles that we are seeking to publish on our blog. Keep in mind the below examples should only serve as a starting point for you to brainstorm relevant guest posting ideas on your own. 

Examples of articles related to technical analysis –

  • Comparing and contrasting different momentum indicators
  • Pros and cons of trading using candlestick analysis
  • Understanding the different types of flag patterns
  • Does support and resistance work in the crypto market?
  • Everything you want to know about trading breakouts

Examples of articles related to fundamental analysis –

  • How interest rates influence the price of currencies
  • News trading strategies applied to cryptocurrencies
  • Protecting your assets in a high inflation environment.
  • How to perform fundamental analysis on blue-chip stocks
  • How to value stocks using the price-earnings ratio

Examples of articles related to trading psychology –

  • Why the majority of traders lose money trading forex?
  • Why you need to control your emotions during a market recession
  • Top 10 things that are holding you back from succeeding in the markets
  • 5 best trading psychology books ever written
  • Choosing a trading style that suits your personality

Examples of articles related to money management –

  • Using a fix fractional position sizing model
  • Asset allocation strategies for passive investors
  • Everything you wanted to know about the Sharpe ratio
  • Best practices for compounding your trading profits
  • How not to blow up your Options trading account?

Benefits Of Guest Posting On Our Blog

A Guest post can be a great way for you to gain exposure to an audience that you may not have otherwise been able to reach. Currently the Forex Training Group blog receives close to 75,000 page views per month and those figures are steadily growing. Additionally, we have a large following within our social network. This includes over 25,000+ Twitter followers, 15,000+ Facebook fans, and 5000+ LinkedIn connections. Every guest post that is published on our blog will also be posted to our social profiles mentioned above. This will provide additional exposure for your published guest posting content.

Please note that we do not charge any money for publishing a guest post on our blog. At the same time, we do not pay for your article submission either. The published guest post will benefit you as you will be able to tap into our large audience. Additionally, you will receive attribution for the guest post within the author bio section at the end of the article. Within the author bio section, you can request to get one do follow link that will point back to your website.

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Guest Post Submission Summary 

Article should be written by a native English speaker or someone who has equivalent proficiency.

Provide a few topic ideas related to investing and/or trading in the financial markets.

Your article must be evergreen in nature and fairly in-depth with approximately 2000 words.

Once we receive your topic ideas, we will reach out to you within 1 to 2 days to let you know if your request has been accepted and the next steps.

Once we receive the completed guest post article back, our editorial team will review it and make any necessary edits required before publishing. Make sure to include a 3 to 4 sentence author bio with the completed article along with the website URL for link attribution. The author bio will be added below the article.

We will communicate back with you once they guest post is published and provide you with the URL details.

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