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Stay Ahead Of The Curve By Knowing Where The Opportunities Are Ahead Of Time

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive our intermediate term outlook for 16 markets worldwide including currencies, stock indexes, bonds, cryptos, metals, and the energy sector.  You will receive our analysis and a clear Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral rating for each market we cover.

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Here's How Our Service Will Benefit You

You'll receive clear and concise forecasts based on our proprietary research and analysis. We utilize a combination of technical and sentiment analysis to project future price moves.

The analysis of each market will be accompanied with a bullish, bearish, or neutral rating, along with price projections when available, allowing you to trade more confidently.

You'll save valuable time by knowing ahead of time, the markets that are ripe for opportunity and those that should be avoided. Being in the right markets is more than half the battle.

We'll help improve your overall trading and investing performance by keeping you informed about future trends and potential turning points. And all this for less than a dollar a day.


FTG Global Market Forecast Service Helps Keep You On The Right Side Of Major Financial Markets

Currency Pairs



Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

Stock Indexes

S&P 500, DAX 30, Euro Stoxx 50

Interest Rates

US Treasury Bond, Euro Bund


Gold, Silver, Crude Oil

Proprietary Research and Analysis

Get Access To The Best Trading And Investing Opportunities In The Global Financial Markets.


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Gain valuable insights from our analysis and forecasts. We provide straightforward Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral ratings on each market.


You'll trade and Invest with peace of mind and high confidence by knowing the most likely path of future price action.

About the Author

Vic Patel is a professional trader and analyst with over 20+ years experience in the markets.

I use a combination of technical, cyclical, and sentiment analysis to forecast future price direction. I also incorporate macro-economic and geo-political events into my forecasts whenever appropriate.

My FTG Global Market Forecast service will help guide your trading and investment decisions by highlighting the best market opportunities globally. And I'll show you how to position yourself to take advantage of them.

I believe in clarity and complete transparency, and so you will receive a clear rating of Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral, along with price targets when available, for each of the 16 different markets that I provide analysis for.

-- Vic

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